Prototype v0.1.5 (7th May 2017)

Prototype v0.1.5 (7th May 2017)
⦁ History: Added natural disasters to Age of Darkness.
⦁ History: Reading a new history verse (for example, at a town library) will train History skill and add that verse to character's knowledge.
⦁ History: Sites created for Mortals (i.e. inventors) and Disasters in history. These can be found during exploration (and then fast travelled to).
⦁ New NPC: Pilgrim. Encountered in regions with sites. Can teach you new history, or take you to a site. There's nothing you can do at a site right now (will add something for next release)
⦁ Added some childhoods that improve History skill (and give you 2 verses), or give you extra money.
⦁ Added "view" buttons in image frame to display character or monster/NPC stats (and removed "View" options in combat menu)
⦁ Added "history knowledge" button in right status panel.
⦁ Right status panel is now a listbox, so you can click on things (items, skills, verses) to get more information.
⦁ BUGFIX: Correct values for skill difficulties (such that harder skills are now harder rather than easier, oops)
⦁ BUGFIX: Keyword error when checking wielding body parts in combat
⦁ BUGFIX: Childhoods that improve Stamina and Energy now increase them by the correct amount.
⦁ BUGFIX: Saying "no" to merchants and shops during buying.

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May 07, 2017

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