Crystal Orb 0.2

Happy Decemberween everyone. I've uploaded Crystal Orb 0.2 (nearly a year after the last update...). I haven't started on the town improvements yet. Instead I spent some time refactoring the code. As I mentioned before, some of this code is 10 years old, back from when I first started learning Python. Refactoring is like blowing off the cobwebs and an opportunity to catch hidden bugs.  Of course, I've likely introduced new ones too.

A few visible additions:

  • The messages screen is now black with white text. This is so I can throw coloured text at it too, so you'll see combat hits in red, some actions in yellow, etc.
  • I've started to implement the quest framework, so you'll see a few simple ones assigned to your new character. There's a new button on the right to bring up the list of quests in the right panel: Click on a quest to get more information about it.

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Dec 24, 2018

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