More 0.1.9 in progress

⦁    Dungeon rooms briefly describe "challenges/events" already investigated.

⦁    Allowed player to backtrack through dungeon rooms.
⦁    Added a few more dungeon challenge/events to fill out placeholders.
⦁    Bugfix: exiting a dungeon didn't clear the internal list of room exits.
⦁    Bugfix: Updated wearable treasures to use new body locations.

The last item I'll be adding before release is a new type of harvesting event based on the random "decor" of a region. For example, if a region is "known for its lonely mushrooms", then you might come across an opportunity to harvest "monospores". This is all fuel for a future crafting system (where a particular item might need some combination of wood, metal, plants, monster trophies, gems, crystals or this unique resource).

In 2.0 I'll be looking at a quest system (so there's a proper end goal) and improving towns in general.

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