P0.1.9 done

Here's the full update notes. Let me know what bugs you find.

I'm moving my attention to towns and quests throughout 0.2

Prototype v0.1.9 (21st December 2017)
⦁    Monsters give a bit more thought to what combat maneuver to use.  Favours loading a weapon; advancing when out of range or at long range; attacking over not attacking; shooting after aiming; attacking after feinting; defending when in shock; aiming if penalties meet a threshold. Disfavours general defending; defending if target cannot attack anyway.
⦁    Monsters give more thought to what weapon to use. Disfavours punches, reloading when an enemy is close; making ranged attacks in melee range.
⦁    Made a town's tavern a discrete menu, gives several options for resting (depending on town's wealth). In the future other tavern-related stuff can go here (playing games, getting rumours, buying food, etc)
⦁    Luck can improve chances of critical hit; add a "lucky save" option to hazards;
⦁    Dungeon rooms show room number. I originally didn't want to do this, I thought it would be too artificial, but it gives a good sense of how far through a dungeon you are and if you have returned to a room you've already been in.
⦁    Dungeon rooms briefly describe "challenges/events" already investigated.
⦁    Allowed player to backtrack through dungeon rooms.
⦁    Added a few more dungeon challenge/events to fill out placeholders.
⦁    Added rockclimbing task, climbing kit tool, climbing event in mountains.
⦁    Enchanted weapons and armor should start making an appearance now (typically in later regions with a higher item value)
⦁    Added a harvest challenge that lets you acquire an item unique to that region.
⦁    Adjusted strength-to-damage calculation, and improved damage spread.
⦁    Senses (used to be called "Perception") now based on Health instead of Mind; long-range skills (bow, crossbow, pistol, musket) based on Senses instead of Agility; melee skills now based on Speed instead of Agility. (Thrown weapon skills remain based on Agility)
⦁    Graded levels of tiredness/fatigue.
⦁    Bugfix: exiting a dungeon didn't clear the internal list of room exits.
⦁    Bugfix: Updated wearable treasures to use new body locations.
⦁    Bugfix: Correct body locations for full hauberk.
⦁    Bugfix: I hadn't distinguished keywords for defense statistics and defense actions.


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Dec 21, 2017

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