Crystal Orb v0.2.2

Prototype v0.2.2
⦁ WORLD: Allowed history to generate a minimum number of entities (in this case, I want the world to have at least 3 elements)
⦁ WORLD: Elements are now usually a single common word (such as 'fire'); the previous style of combination elements are still possible but rarer.
⦁ COMBAT: Aiming trains weapon skill
⦁ COMBAT: Can make ranged attack with a thrown weapon if it was being aimed and enemy comes into melee distance.
⦁ Bugfixes

I've also uploaded the source code. I'm sure it's embarrassingly bad for those of you who are coders. But will at least let you test it in Linux or whatever (you may need to change the fonts in

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May 29, 2019

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This is kind of a neat game! Reminds me a bit of Windows 3.1 adventure games.

Thanks, stay posted, looks like I'm still working through bugs I introduced in 0.2