Crystal Orb v0.2.3

Prototype v0.2.3

⦁ TOWN: Shop discount based on the margin of success of the haggle check.

⦁ TOWN: Added "use" and "equip" to town menu.
⦁ THINGS: Added mortar and pestle tool. This can be used to grind a reagent into an ingredient. This is the first part of the framework for future crafting features.
⦁ Bugfix: Energy of monsters encounted in "tired" state now correct.
⦁ Bugfix: Harvesting a thing now correctly gets base item from database (so the thing has a weight, so can be taken. Not sure when that was broken).
⦁ Bugfix: Fix crash when making skill checks that for tasks that use a base stat.

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Jun 02, 2019

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