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Crystal Orb Adventures

Prototype procedurally generated text adventure game without the typing. · By Marasmusine


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Crystal Orb v0.2.3
Prototype v0.2.3 ⦁ TOWN: Shop discount based on the margin of success of the haggle check. ⦁ TOWN: Added "use" and "equip" to town menu. ⦁ THINGS: Added m...
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Crystal Orb v0.2.2
Prototype v0.2.2 ⦁ WORLD: Allowed history to generate a minimum number of entities (in this case, I want the world to have at least 3 elements) ⦁ WORLD: Ele...
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Crystal Orb v0.2.1
I know this isn't much considering the length of time since the last update. Without feedback it's harder to become motivated. Prototype v0.2.1 ⦁ Town names m...
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Crystal Orb 0.2
Happy Decemberween everyone. I've uploaded Crystal Orb 0.2 (nearly a year after the last update...). I haven't started on the town improvements yet. Instead I s...
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It's been a year?!
So it's been a year since the last update, because other projects have occupied me. So it's time to have another bash at this, although I'm fairly sure no-one...
P0.1.9 done
Here's the full update notes. Let me know what bugs you find. I'm moving my attention to towns and quests throughout 0.2 Prototype v0.1.9 (21st December 2017)...
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More 0.1.9 in progress
⦁ Dungeon rooms briefly describe "challenges/events" already investigated. ⦁ Allowed player to backtrack through dungeon rooms. ⦁ Added a few mor...
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Please post bug reports in this thread.
started by Marasmusine Feb 10, 2017
17 replies
Travelling merchants are nearly done. You can buy from their inventory and sell them your crap, or escort them back to t...
started by Marasmusine Mar 03, 2017
4 replies