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Crystal Orb Adventures

Prototype procedurally generated text adventure game without the typing. · By Marasmusine


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Crystal Orb 0.2
Happy Decemberween everyone. I've uploaded Crystal Orb 0.2 (nearly a year after the last update...). I haven't started on the town improvements yet. Instead I s...
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It's been a year?!
So it's been a year since the last update, because other projects have occupied me. So it's time to have another bash at this, although I'm fairly sure no-one...
P0.1.9 done
Here's the full update notes. Let me know what bugs you find. I'm moving my attention to towns and quests throughout 0.2 Prototype v0.1.9 (21st December 2017)...
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More 0.1.9 in progress
⦁ Dungeon rooms briefly describe "challenges/events" already investigated. ⦁ Allowed player to backtrack through dungeon rooms. ⦁ Added a few mor...
P0.1.9 in progress
Bit of a random grab-bag for the next update. Here's what I've done so far: ⦁ Monsters give a bit more thought to what combat maneuver to use. Favours loa...
P0.1.8.2 - More bugfixes
Another round of bugfixes for noncombat encounters. Looks like I had understimated the knock-on effect of some cleanup work I did earlier in the year. Some of...
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Bugfixes related to non-combat encounters. Looks like I was in the middle of doing, er, something (not sure what) with them earlier in the year and messed them...
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Version P0.1.8
Here's a partial implementation of the "examining stuff in a dungeon room" mechanic, with some bug fixes. I didn't get round to adding traps or clues - but you...
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