New version now prototyping (Mk VI?)

Hello everyone. Dunc's Algomusic has surpassed 5000 downloads! Thank-you to those of you who donated. I've looked at the different programming languages available to me.  Python is super nice to work with,  but I couldn't find an audio module I was happy with - and because it's interpreted rather than compiled I'd have to bundle it with an executable and it gets a bit messy.

I'm prototyping in Gamemaker Pro! I can have "tracker" objects that make a sound when they collide with a "note" object. I just set the tracker moving to the right and have it return at the end, so Gamemaker's engine keeps the timing for me.

I wasn't sure if its audio capabilities would be precise enough, but it seems to chug along nicely. Right now it's doing simple percussion along with monotone instruments.

What I'm looking forward to is experimenting with the 2D space. Trackers can go in different directions and different speeds. What if a cymbal made a rocket launch from the bottom, which explodes on-beat leaving temporary bits of debris spread out for the trackers to hit and make little sounds?

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