It's now 2018, the year that Rollerball is set in, so it's definitely now the future. Time to get on with making Dunc's Algomusic! Sorry for the long gaps in devoplment, as I alternate between different projects for months at a time. Crystal Orb Adventures and the D&D Vehicle Construction Kit have had their turn. Back to making random music.

This month I am committed to adding a requested feature: allowing you to add your own sound files. The simplest way would be to just let you have access to an external folder. Actually, it would be several folders, as the program uses different categories for fx (percussion, long, staccato, bass, melody).

The downside is that changing the number of sounds to pick from changes the random number generation, so a given song title will be different across different computers.


AlgoMusic MkVI 0.4.zip 6 MB
Oct 07, 2017

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