Custom sounds in MkVI

Well, I had to jump through some GameMaker hoops, but it looks like custom sounds will work. Weird stuff I learned along the way:

  • GameMaker can only stream (i.e. use a sound from a file) .ogg files. So any sounds you want to use will have to be converted into .ogg. That's not too bad, you can use Audacity or whatever.
  • I really want the custom folders to be in the same location as the executable. Gamemaker seems to protect this "program directory", so I couldn't read the files. I was tearing my hair out, it seemed to be pushing me to put it in User/Documents or even worse, %appdata%. Eventually I found that it worked with the program directory, only when I built the final executable (making it quite cumbersome to test).

There's a few things to iron out before release. The bundled sounds have their volumes set internally, so I need to go through the external sounds and adjust their volumes in Audacity until the mix sounds right (and I need to convert everything to .ogg). Then check for memory leaks etc.

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